Kvantinis eksperimentas rodo, kaip laikas randasi iš susietumo

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_alvydas_ 2020-06-05 11:35
Norėčiau parekomenduoti šitą autorių besidomintiem panašiom temom: https://arxiv.org/search/?query=khrenni ... st&size=50 Pvz. čia: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1505.04293.pdf "In spite of my very wide network of contacts with experimenters, I was able to approach only one set of rough data, click by click, from the experiment of G. Weihs [11], [12]. However, this experiment was done long ago." "As the organizer of the longest se- ries of conferences on quantum foundations, the V ̈axjo ̈ series, I see that the stream of people questioning QM is not vanishing at all, may be nowadays even more people question QM than 30-40 years ago, Why?" "Nowadays many people start to suspect that this problem is unsolvable without to go beyond, either of QM or general relativity. It seems that by playing with more advanced models of noncommutative mathematics one would not be able to come to the “greatest unification.” But once again: the conventional quantum community can ignore this “beyond quantum problem”. My main motivation for creation of the open access data-base for the rough experimental data is to provide a possibility for a detailed statistical analysis of this data by independent quantum researchers. The situation such that after about 20 years after Weihs’ experi- ment [11] (closed the locality loophole) the data from this experiment is the only openly available for the quantum community (at least it was) is really unacceptable." Nu jo. Nežiūrint , kad žmogus pažįsta toli gražu ne vieną iš susietumą tiriančių komandų narių vistik negali gauti originalių nefiltruotų eksperimentų duomenų. Garsiai rašoma apie QM pergalingą žygį užlopant loopholes, bet parodyti realių rezultatų kažkaip jiems nesinori...