Aliaskos mieste 16000 gatvės šviestuvų pakeis LED lempos

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EIGIO 2008-08-07 12:05
Keistas straipsnis, pvz.: HPS: gyvavimo trukmė 20 000h, efektyvumas 22%; LED: gyvavimo trukmė 40 000h, efektyvumas 1.5–13%, OLED 15%, prototipiniai(dar ne rinkoje) iki 22%. HPS ir dar efektyvesni LPS ir naudojami gatvėms apšviesti, tai koks čia energijos sutaupymas? Šaltiniai:
EIGIO 2008-08-07 12:27
Vieno internauto mintys (kaip ir atsakymas į mano klausimą): "While HPS having a better luminous output to start with, that degrades quite quickly (like with CFLs) and even if not broken after 4 years it still takes the same energy, without the light. Horticultural HPS are often replaced every year because of that. And don't forget the losses in the ballast a HID has to be driven with, they get hot, and hot means loss. Those devices are simple inductors, while LEDs mostly use switching power-supplys which can easily reach over 90% efficiency. LEDs usually don't break and still have 70% of light output after 50.000 hours. In addition the whole light is emitted downwards, unlike the HID which has to use a lossy reflector that degrades over time, too. Certainly I forgot some of the pros and cons of each, but it shows that a lot of factors are to be taken in to consideration."